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    Vacancy– Tourism Promotion Officer 

    VacancyPost of Commercial Assistant

    Immediate VacancyPost of Receptionist

    The Ambassador, Dr Palitha Kohona participates in the International
    Jewelry Summit held in Shanghai

    The Ambassador, Dr Palitha Kohona, participated in the International Jewelry Summit held in parallel with the China International Import Expo 2021 (CIIE) in Shanghai as a keynote speaker. The Ambassadors of Belgium, and Italy spoke on video. Among the other speakers were representatives from, ASEAN, Malaysia and Myanmar, all on line.

    China s E-market for Gems and Jewelry has recovered considerably and now is a key partner of Italian and Belgian industries recovering from the pandemic.

    Both Belgian and Italian speakers emphasised that the gems and jewelry trade has become a key element in their economies and their trade with China. It is also a major employment generator in those countries.

    China s jewelry industry will grow by 14% this year creating an opportunity for gem exports to become a major export and a foreign exchange earner for Sri Lanka. The world industry will grow by 3-4%.

    Many who attended the lunch afterwards expressed the hope that the Sri Lankan gems and jewelry trade would be better represented at the CIIE 2022, particularly noting the wide array of Sri Lanka stones being displayed and sold by other exhibitors. The Thai, Indian and Pakistani gem displays were considerably glamorized by the impressive collections of Sri Lanka stones exhibited by them. The piece de resistance was the crystal clad porche (belonging to the royal house of Dubai) occupying the spot originally reserved for Sri Lanka s star cluster.

    The National Gem and Jewelry Testing Centre of China s, Ye Zhibin, Director, and the Geological Laboratory Standardization’s, Director, Yang Lixin, have asked whether a formal relationship could be established with Gem & jewelry Authority of Sri Lanka.

    Embassy of Sri Lanka


    14 November 2021

    Ambassador Dr Palitha Kohona visits Unisa Palace (Foding) Temple in Nanjing

    Ambassador Dr Palitha Kohona was taken to visit the spectacular Unisa Palace (Foding) Temple built from 2012 - 2015 to house the skull bone relic of the Buddha at a cost of 5 billion yuan. According to archaeological records, the relic had been brought to China from Sri Lanka around 980 AD. (This was during the chaos of the Chola invasions of Sri Lanka). Entry into the inner chamber is strictly controlled (Only a limited number of visitors, no phones, no photos and the sacred relic is kept in a bullet proof glass reliquary). The huge dome of the temple is designed to resemble the pictorial representations of Shakyamuni s head and a giant concrete canopy intended to stylistically represent the Bodhi Tree spreads its branches above.

    The relic which had been hidden in stone reliquary at the nearby Da Bao en Temple by the chief monk of the time, Abbot Deming around 997 AD was rediscovered in 2008.

    The Unisa Palace Temple occupies a massive abandoned iron ore mine on top of the Niu Shue Mountain.

    Embassy of Sri Lanka

    14 November, 2021 

    Dr Kohona meets with the CEO of Hummer China

    Dr Kohona met with the CEO of Hummer China, Mr. Liu Guangdong and his team on 12 November 2021. Liu was keen to show their new small electric vehicle to Dr Kohona and discuss the prospects for assembling it in Sri Lanka, particularly with a view to exporting it to regional countries. Hummer China had already done some exploratory studies and were confident of assembling/building the electric Hummer in Sri Lanka. They will adapt the vehicle to local conditions. It is already being sold in the UK and the USA.

    Embassy of Sri Lanka 
    13 November, 2021

    Dr Kohona visits Wanda Yuanye International, Zhang Yuebin in Nanjing 

    Dr Kohona met with the CEO/Chairman of Wanda Yuanye International, Zhang Yuebin, and his team in Nanjing. Wanda International caters to entertainment and leisure activities. It is also a travel/tour operator. It is a key supplier of children s play facilities at KFC stores in China. Wanda also constructs and maintains state of the art play ground/ physical activity facilities in China. By law, communities in China are required to have such facilities constructed within a radius of 10 minutes by foot.

    Dr Kohona encouraged Wanda to use Sri Lanka as a showcase for their products. They were encouraged to consider sponsoring Chinese cricket teams intending to visit Sri Lanka. Wanda considers Sri Lanka to be an effective partner in the effort to improve China s cricket. 

    Embassy of Sri Lanka 
    13 November, 2021


    Ministry of Crab to open a new restaurant in Chengdu

    Mr. Ken Leung, General Manager, the Ministry of Crab Shanghai informed the  Ambassador, Dr. Palitha Kohona, that arraignments were being made to open a new restaurant in Chengdu before the end of this year.

    Dr. Kohona was invited by the Ministry of Crab, Shanghai, to visit the Restaurant on 9 November 2021. The Restaurant is extremely popular among Shanghai residents. It serves only crabs imported from Sri Lanka. Other Sri Lankan dishes, like pol sambal and roast paan were also served with the crab.

    The Ambassador invited the Ministry of Crab to participate at the next year CIIE. The CEO welcomed the Ambassador’s suggestion. 

    Embassy of Sri Lanka
    13 November, 2021

    Shanghai Cricket Club to be assisted by Sri Lanka 

    The Ambassador, Dr. Palitha Kohona, was invited on 8 November by the Chairman of the Shanghai Cricket Club (SCC) to a meeting, including with the players. The goal was to obtain assistance from Sri Lanka to improve the standard of cricket at the club. Cricket is attracting significant interest in China.

    The SCC suggested expediting the proposed cooperation between Sri Lanka cricket institutions and players and the Club. The SCC was preparing for major tournaments in 2022 and would seriously welcome assistance from Sri Lanka. The Ambassador suggested that the SCC cricket team should tour Sri Lanka at the earliest opportunity and play games with local teams. Sponsorships could be obtained from Chinese companies doing business in Sri Lanka.

    Embassy of Sri Lanka
    13 Novemebr, 2021

    Embassy of Sri Lanka - Post of Tourism Promotion Officer 

    Embassy of Sri Lanka Immediate Vacancy - Post of Receptionist 

    25 Sri Lanka Companies participate in the 4th Shanghai CIIE

    The 4th China International Import Expo (CIIE) drew to a successful close on 10 November 2021. According to the organisers around USD 70.72 billion worth of tentative deals were concluded for the purchase of goods and services at this Expo. Millions, including business representatives, cruised the stalls during the Expo. Despite the pandemic, it was a huge success.

    Touring the Sri Lankan exhibits, Ambassador Dr. Palitha Kohona said that it was very encouraging that 25 Sri Lankan companies were part of the expo. The companies were able to meet Chinese businesses and interact with consumers to promote their products. They expressed their appreciation of the Sri Lanka Embassy in Beijing, the Sri Lanka consulate general in Shanghai, the Foreign Ministry and the Sri Lanka Export Development Board for the assistance extended to them to participate at this Expo. There were opportunities for Sri Lankan exporters to exploit the expo much more.

    Sri Lankan products were live streamed from the Sri Lanka Pavilian and attracted 330,000 viewers.

    The Laksala’s products attracted many visitors at the Gem and Jewellery section. Ambassador Kohona was invited by exhibitors from Pakistan, India and Italy who exhibited a stunning collection of Sri Lanka gem stones to visit their pavilions. Ambassador Kohona said that next year he expects more companies to participate physically with the backing of the Gem and Jewelry Authority and exhibit more Sri Lanka gems stones.

    Dr Kohona was the key note speaker at the CIIE Gem Stone Summit. He spoke about the government s plans to modernise the gemming industry and make it into a major foreign exchange earner for the country.

    Hambantota International Port (HIP)also used the CIIE to highlight the port facilities and services in the Logistics Section of the Expo. In addition, it promoted investment opportunities in the port’s industrial Park. The CEO told the Ambassador that HIP is ready with state of the art facilities and a skilled work force to cater to the rising demand for bulk cargo. Further he said that the Port Industrial Park holds over two square kilometers of dedicated land. This is made available to establish businesses and industries. The Port’s Industrial Park follows the success model of strategic ‘PPC’: Port, Park & City. This will enable investors to benefit from considerable savings in cost and time as a result of having the port within close proximity to their manufacturing plant.

    Dr Kohona thanked his team for extending their untiring support to make the CIIE participation a success. He said that everyone should work more creatively to yield pragmatic and substantive outcomes. The country needs to export more. The only way open as of now, is increasing our exports and attracting foreign direct investments.  He requested everyone to prepare from now for the participation of the next year CIIE.

    Embassy of Sri Lanka

    12 November, 2021

    25 Sri Lankan companies exhibit their products at the 4th China International Import Expo 2021 (CIIE)

    25 Sri Lankan Companies are exhibiting their products at the 4th International Import Expo 2021 (CIIE) which is being held in Shanghai at the moment. President Xi Jinping spoke virtually at the formal high level opening of the Expo. Nineteen companies are participating at the food and beverages section, one company is exhibiting its products at the consumer products section but only five at the glittering gem and jewellery section. Laksala is exhibiting its products for the first time at this Expo.

    The Ambassador, Dr. Palitha Kohona, ceremonially declared open the food and beverage section and the gem and jewellery section. 

    Speaking at the opening ceremony the Ambassador said that the CIIE provides an exceptional opportunity for Sri Lankan companies to showcase their products to the massive and lucrative Chinese consumer market. He further said that this provided a clear opportunity for Sri Lanka to reduce the trade gap between the two countries and the private sector had to play a significant role. Currently, the trade balance is in favour of China by a massive margin. He thanked the companies who exhibited their products at the Expo overcoming considerable difficulties, in particular, pandemic related restrictions. He encouraged more Sri Lankan companies to participate at the next Expo in 2022 under the leadership of the EDB.

    Ceylon Tea, spices, coconut and coir products, organic dehydrated fruits, organic fruit products, organic bee honey, personal care and wellness products, kithul products, sesame, tomato sauce, chilli sauce, fish sauce, chilli and garlic sauce, sweet chilli sauce, mayonnaise, oyster sauce, BBQ sauce, biscuits and other confectionaries were showcased at the food and beverage section. In addition, beverages of the Lion Brewery were also displayed. Five companies and Laksala were present at the Gems and Jewelry Section.

    Many countries, recognising the value of the Chinese market, had expended considerable sums and energy on creating attractive displays.  The crowds were automatically drawn to these. The potential is considerable for Ceylon Tea, gems and jewelry, coconut products, etc to be effectively promoted at future CIIEs.

    Ambassador Kohona thanked the Foreign Ministry of Sri Lanka, the Sri Lanka Consulate General in Shanghai, and the Sri Lanka Export Development Board for facilitating Sri Lanka s participation. He also appreciated the contribution made by CSLATE, Laksala, the Sri Lanka Tea Board, and the Sri Lanka Gem and Jewellery Authority, and the private companies to enhance Sri Lanka s presence at the Expo. He requested all relevant parties to work together to make this Expo a success for Sri Lanka.

    Embassy of Sri Lanka


    06 November 2021

    Health Protocols for Arrival to Sri Lanka Tourism

    Valid for arrivals from 26 October 2021

    For travelers who are:

    - Fully vaccinated

    - Not vaccinated or not fully vaccinated

    - COVID-19 recovered

    Laksala Opens a franchise outlet in China

    Laksala signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a franchise outlet in Guangzhou, China on 03 November, 2021 to promote Sri Lanka products, in particular, traditional handicrafts, in the lucrative Chinese market. The online signing ceremony with Sala Global (Pvt) Ltd. was organised by the Sri Lanka Handicrafts Board (SLHB) together with the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Beijing. Hon. Dayasiri Jayasekera, State Minister of Batik, Handloom and Local Apparel Productions, Ambassador Dr. Palitha Kohona, Lakmal Wickramaarachchi Chairman, Laksala, Chinthaka Wijewickrama, Managing Director, Sala Global (Pvt) Ltd, Jason Wong, Managing Director, Aliya Ceylon attended the event online.

    Laksala is the only State-owned Gift and Souvenir Boutique in Sri Lanka. It plays an important role in promoting and fostering national arts and crafts, nourishes rural craftsmen, and the products are sourced from the most authentic manufacturers.

    The new Laksala outlet in China will promote and market the traditional handicraft items including handloom and batik products, Ceylon Tea, coffee, local ayurvedic, organic and cosmetic products in China.

    Laksala has already established outlets in the USA, Dubai, Japan, and the UK. This MoU will pave the way for Laksala to open its 5th outlet.

    Speaking online at the event, the Ambassador, Dr. Palitha Kohona, said that Laksala has brought Sri Lanka traditional handicrafts and other products to the Chinese market. He said that this outlet will play a major role in opening up the market in China for such products. Rural Sri Lankans who depend on small-scale handicraft production will benefit from this initiative. He invited the other industries in Sri Lanka to follow Laksala s example. Laksala can play a major role in eliminating rural poverty in Sri Lanka.

    Minister Jayasekara said that local and foreign tourists were the customer base of Laksala. This initiative would create a huge market demand for the Sri Lankan traditional products in China. Lakmal Wickramaarachchi, Chairman, Laksala, Chinthaka Wijewickrama, Managing Director, Sala Global (Pvt) Ltd, Jason Wong, Managing Director, Aliya Ceylon also spoke at the event. 

    Laksala, at the encouragement of the Sri Lanka Embassy in Beijing, will participate, for the first time, at the China International Import Expo 2021 (CIIE) and promote Sri Lanka gems and jewellery.

    Embassy of Sri Lanka 
    03 November, 2021

    Extension of bid submitting date of Short Term Social Media/Digital Ceylon Tea Campaign in China 

    Twin City Link with Kandy

    Qingdao authorities at the highest level expressed their eagerness to conclude the twin city agreement with Kandy. This will be done as soon as a mutually convenient date is agreed for a virtual signature ceremony. A twin city agreement is expected to encourage people to people contacts, religious and cultural exchanges, student placements, sports relations, etc.

    Further, Dr. Kohona encouraged more Qingdao residents to visit Sri Lanka after the pandemic restrictions were lifted. Mr. Liu also expressed Qingdao s intention to expand its international routes from the new airport in Jiaozhou, which will facilitate more tourist visits to Sri Lanka.

    Embassy of Sri Lanka 
    29 October 2021 

    SCODA pavilion in Qingdao to highlight Sri Lanka products

    Ambassador Dr. Palitha Kohona participated in the 2021 Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Financial Cooperation and Capital Market Development Forum held in Jiaozhou, Qingdao, during October 27-28, 2021.

    The Forum was hosted by the Qingdao Municipal People’s Government, co-organized by the Management Committee of the Demonstration Zone for China-SCO Local Economic and Trade Cooperation, Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at the Renmin University of China, and the Jiaozhou Municipal People’s Government. The goal of the forum was to promote cooperation in the industrial chain, and the financial markets and capital markets of the SCO countries and broaden the in-depth exchanges and cooperation between Qingdao, Shandong Province, and SCO countries.

    The Forum explored the expansion of capital markets, using RMB for international transactions, encouraging trade and investments, etc in the SCO region.

    Dr. Kohona, addressing the forum, emphasised the need for greater access to the Chinese market place for products of member states.

    More than 30 foreign dignitaries, diplomatic envoys and enterprise representatives, as well as nearly 20 large domestic and foreign financial institutions and enterprises attended the forum.

    Later, Ambassador Kohona was taken on an inspection tour of the SCO Demonstration Area (SCODA) being developed to help SCO members to highlight their products in the global consumer marketplace. Some members of the SCO have already established their pavilions. The organisers gave a commitment to complete the Sri Lanka pavilion within the coming months but asked that more Sri Lanka products be made available for sale. Qingdao while being a highly developed city, is also one of the terminals of the railway network that links up with cities in Europe.

    After the inspection tour, Dr. Kohona met Mr. Liu Jianjun, member of Standing Committee of Qingdao Municipal Government and Jiaozhou Municipal Party Secretary, Mr. Mou Jundian, Director of Foreign Affairs of Qingdao, as well as officials from the Management Committee of the SCO Demonstration Area.

    Embassy of Sri Lanka

    29 October 2021 


    Pre- Bid meeting - Ceylon Tea Social Media campaign 

    The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Beijing together with Sri Lanka Tea Board call proposals for the Selection of an Agency to undertake a Short Term Social/Digital Media Ceylon Tea Campaign in China. Bids will be closed at 2:00 p.m. on 03 November 2021.

    The online Pre-bid meeting will be conducted on 29 October 2021 at 2.00 p.m.

    If you are interested, please log via following link


    Meeting ID: 844 7886 0147

    Passcode: 765286

    China-Sri Lanka Economic, Trade, Cultural Cooperation and Exchange Conference Explores Investment, Trade and Tourism Industries

    The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Beijing together with the China-Sri Lanka Chamber of Economic and Trade Cooperation organised a China-Sri Lanka Economic, Trade and Cultural Cooperation and Exchange Conference on 26 October 2021 at the Embassy. The event mainly focused on promoting investment opportunities, trade and tourism among the potential Chinese investors and tour operators. Officials from leading Chinese companies, including the CZK Industry Group, Hunan Construction Engineering Group, Caissa Travel Group, Yuan’s Seed Company Limited, members from the China-Sri Lanka Association for Trade and Economic Cooperation (CSLATE), and Embassy officials attended the event.

    Ambassador, Dr. Palitha Kohona delivered the key note address highlighting opportunities available in Sri Lanka for investment, trade, tourism, education and other sectors. He said that it is vital to organise events such as this, where Chinese and Sri Lankan companies can meet and exchange views and enhance cooperation among them. He further said that Sri Lanka tourism expects to closely work with Chinese tour operators and increase to at least one million the Chinese tourists visiting Sri Lanka.

    During the event, CSLATE signed two Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with CZK Industry Group and Hunan Construction Engineering Group. Beijing Sri Road Trading Co., Ltd. owned by a Sri Lankan entrepreneur also signed a MoU with Hunan Construction Engineering Group to promote and market Sri Lankan snacks, including confectionary products on board of high speed trains originating from Guangzhou.  

    The event was concluded with a delicious lunch. 

    Embassy of Sri Lanka

    26 October, 2021